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MultiPurpose clothes hangers
Shaver & Fingernail fun kit
Rower hook & Magic brush
Vacuum-seal storage racks
Glass cleaner & Cook tooc
Vacuum cleaner
Magical heat pack
Prangs squeezer
Magic peeler
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watson's (只限換購真空箱), 全香港百佳taste(任何產品均有),上環永安百貨(專賣掛衣袋),全綫實惠可以購買。
An execellent system to keep your collection of ties, shawls, etc. manageable, neat ans tidy The optimal way to keep belts,shawls,scarves and costume jewellery tangle-free.
This convenient system ensures tidiness in even the smallest space.
Suspend the hanger with both hooks onto the calinet's rodsto hang your pants or skirts.
One rod can accommodate several articles.
Simply push the rods back affter hanging and verything is neat and tidy.
The clever way to create more space for your hangers.
Supend therail with both hooks ontothe cabinet rod.
Simply hook up a five hangers into the holes of the rail.
Save more space by suspending the rail onone hook.
Your colthes hangers will hang infront ofone another at a fixed distance.
So no more crushed collars.
To save even more space,suspend the hanger using only one hook.
The pieces of lothing will hang in front of oneanother.
MAGIC HANGER is the perfect system fortravelling or camping.
The entirs system to gether with clsthing can be transterredneatly into your suitcase.
Upon arrival at your destination,just take it out andhook it onto your cabinet.
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